We offer a variety of meditation styles and techniques to help you find your own way into a meditative state. Whether you prefer MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), breath and body awareness methods or mantra based techniques, our classes and teachers are all experts in their respective style. Our class schedule varies each week so check out our guest teachers and upcoming classes.


Intro to Meditation

Not just for first-timers, this introductory class offers guidance throughout the 40 minute session. You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of meditation, posture and a few techniques to focus the mind. Your guide will talk through sampling each of these techniques so you can discover what works best for you. As durations of silence lengthen over the course of this class you’ll practice your preferred method and come back to stillness.

Sound Bath

The practice of listening and letting go of our mindstream offers amazing insights. In this immersive 30-45 minute session your guide will orient you towards listening deeply. Sounds will wash over you as you drift through this practice of complete relaxation and vibration.

Self-Guided Stillness

This 45 minute session is designed for those who wish to practice meditation in complete silence. Best suited to those who already have an established personal practice, this class is guided by a teacher who will watch the time and lead you into and out of the session gently. Meditating in complete silence in the company of others has a way of powering our practice. Join this class to boost your existing personal practice!

Guest Teacher of the Week

Who doesn’t love a wild card? In this guest session the teacher of the week may introduce you to a new method, theme or practice all meant to guide you to an inner state of connection. It might be weird but it will definitely be wonderful! Your guide may use sounds, a new technique or an ancient practice. Classes vary, check our weekly schedule.

Ecstatic Dance

Not your traditional meditation class! This session is a moving mindfulness practice designed to allow you to feel into your body and relax. Being human takes practice and a little humility! Get silly with our DJ under the dimmed lights and feel the freedom to move your body!

Moving Meditation

The simplicity of movement can shift our awareness dramatically. This 45-60 minute meditation focuses the mind into the body as your guide leads you through a movement practice. Techniques may include Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, yoga or other body awareness movements. Classes vary, check our weekly schedule.

Working with Emotions

Working with emotions is the real school of life. We believe those brave enough to venture into their inner emotional world for the purposes of understanding are true warriors. In this session your guide will introduce a key emotional theme in order to work with emotions as energetic thoughts. This 30 minute guided meditation will allow you to explore the inner landscape to experience emotional freedom.


This meditation class is designed as a sleep aid. If you have trouble relaxing in the evenings before bedtime, this guided meditation will have you drifting off in no time. You will be laying down on the comfort of pillows and blankets but don’t worry, we’ll wake you gently in order to drift home to your own bed.

Just Breathe

Using breath as a focus for awareness practice is thousands of years old! As one of the most well documented meditation methods for reducing stress, this 30 minute class will have you relaxed and breathing freely, ready to go back out into the world refreshed.

Love Meditation

This partially guided meditation is all about falling in love. In this 30-45 minute session you will be guided through mental imagery into the heart. Compassion, relaxation and equanimity are key themes your guide will use to remind you of your inner connection to loving kindness.